How COVID-19 can Affect Renter or Homeowners Insurance

Posted by Caroline Fallon on Apr 29, 2020 4:38:13 PM

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While the coronavirus is not something that is directly affecting your home, it can affect your renters or homeowners insurance. With so many self-quarantining at home, it’s important to make sure that you are completely covered with your insurance. Here are a few ways that the coronavirus can impact your insurance coverages.

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How Your Renters or Homeowners Insurance May be Impacted

1.      How You Afford it

With many people unsure if they will continue to have a paycheck in the months to come due to the coronavirus, New York is trying to help. Enforced starting on March 22, New York State has put a halt on evictions for up to 90 days. Many insurance companies are also offering waived late-fee penalties for policyholders impacted by COVID-19, including stopping cancellations for missed payments.

2.      Working from Home Can be Covered under Renter’s Insurance

For many, their homes have become their new full-time office. Insurance companies are offering an extension to your renters and homeowners insurance to ensure that all of the business materials you had to bring home with you are covered under your plan. This extension will protect your things from theft, fires or water damage. 

3.      More People Spending More Time in One Place Means More Coverage

People are spending most of their days in one place, so the chances of something happening that may require insurance coverage is enhanced. Make sure you get in contact with your insurance company and ensure that you are protected against all accidents or incidents that may occur. From someone falling to damage to your home, being covered with complete renters and homeowners insurance can be a burden off of your back.  

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While COVID-19 is not directly affecting your renters or homeowners insurance, it can indirectly be affected. Don’t allow the stress of your items and home be a burden to you, contact your insurance company today and find out how you can best be protected during these uncertain times.

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